Practice Overview

Practice Overview

Dearne Valley Health Centre is sat in a leafy valley and serves a semi-rural community. It is a long established practice and some of our older patients may remember Dr Theo and Dr Bagchi. Dr Seeley joined Dr Bagchi in 1993 as Dr Bagchi retired and then Dr Ash made the team up for the next 18 years prior to Dr Harris joining as a part time partner in 2010. Dr Seeley retired in 2018 making way for Dr Hirst to become the full time partner after being a GP trainee at the surgery.

After Dr Seeley took over as the senior GP, he built the new modern surgery building we are still using today. This was built on the same site as the old premises and set Dearne Valley Health Centre up to face the ever changing NHS and digital society we have today.

We are now a complex team comprising of Health Professionals supported by a dedicated, efficient and caring group of administrative staff. Our clinical team now include 3 doctors, 2 Practice nurses and 2 Healthcare Assistants. The clinical, administration and reception staff are all managed by our Practice Manager, Andrea.

We became a GP training practice in 2009.One of our Practice nurses, Kate, is training to be a Nurse Practitioner and one of our Healthcare Assistants, Helen, is training to be a Nurse Associate and another, Amy, is training to be a GP Assistant.

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