Registering with us

Registering as a New Patient

We welcome new patients who live or have moved into our practice catchment area. If you are an existing patient who has moved slightly out of our practice area, you may continue to be registered (at the discretion of the practice), if you still live within our outer practice area. It is in the interests of patients who require regular home visits to choose a practice within a reasonable travelling distance of where they live.

Please contact Reception to register as a new patient. We will ask you to complete a registration form.

Please bring the following to the practice:

  • Photographic ID
  • Your registration form
  • Your NHS number (if available)
  • Your repeat medication list
  • Details of your previous doctor

Please note patients are registered with the practice rather than with an individual doctor. You may wish to request services with a particular doctor. Please state your preference on the registration form.

We will offer you an opportunity to see the Healthcare Assistant for a new patient check, or to discuss medication. If you have a complicated medical history it may be appropriate to have a further appointment with the doctor.

May we take this opportunity to welcome you to our Practice and to invite you to complete our quick Patient Questionnaire. This will give us some additional details which will allow us to provide the most appropriate services for you.

Practice Catchment Area

The map below shows our practice catchment area from where we can accept and register new patients. You can enter you postcode beneath the map to check whether or not your home address is within our practice boundary.


Outer Practice Area

Outer Practice Catchment area

More About Your NHS Number

Each NHS Number is a unique 10-digit number which is printed on your NHS medical card or will from now on be written on any communication you have had from the NHS.

- click here for more information on your NHS number.

Non-Registered Patients

An appointment for immediately necessary treatment is only available to people who have incurred an accident or medical emergency at any place in our practice area and who require GP services.  If the resulting condition is potentially life threatening an ambulance should be called using the 999 service.

In addition, if you are away from your normal place of residence and are staying within our practice area for more than 24 hours and less than 3 months, you may also request an appointment

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